Will And Grace Is Back, And I Can’t Wait For The Details


Honey, I am dying over here. After loads of tweets and photos from the cast hinting about it yesterday, Debra Messing tweeted this video today telling us that, yes, Will And Grace Is Back:

I vividly remember when Will and Grace ended. I was nursing an infant, which leads to a lot of TV watching. But at the time, W&G was the last show I cared about watching. I remember looking at that baby and wondering, Well, now what we do?

Ten years later, a lot has changed — both for that baby and the TV lineup. But after years of rumors of spin-off possibilities, it looks like we finally get to see Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack back on our screens again. (“Just Jack 2016,” anyone?)

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but a lot has also changed in what airs on network television. When the first episode of Will and Grace was broadcast in 1998, Ellen had just been canceled when, a year after the main character came out, ABC started putting a parental advisory warning on each episode, and ratings subsequently tanked.

Will and Grace changed a lot for the portrayal of gay and lesbian characters on TV. It wasn’t alone in the effort, of course. And although Dawson’s Creek often gets the credit for showing men kissing, I’m rolling it back to Will and Jack. It wasn’t meant to be a romantic kiss, but it was a kiss in an entire episode about whether two men could kiss on television.

I can’t wait to see what Will and Grace looks like in 2016. (2017?) Let’s do this. I’ve got the juice boxes.

Ruth Suehle

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