Meet the Glittersquids

Jackie Reeve

Jackie is a writer, maker, and former school librarian. She's a founding editor of GlitterSquid. Her writing has appeared all over the place, including BuzzFeed, Hello Giggles, and The Sweethome. She believes in craftiness over chores, turtlenecks if it's below 70, orange whenever possible, cheese for dessert, hot chocolate for lunch, and having far too many stickers in her life. She lives in New Jersey with her English husband and dinosaur-loving young daughter.

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Natania Barron

Fuschia Glittersquid at Glittersquid
Natania Barron is an author, a foodie, and a Crystal Gem. When she’s not writing in imaginary worlds, she’s raising her family, baking elaborate cakes, and burying herself in genealogy research. Her favorite topics at Glittersquid include pop culture, feminism, family history, autism spectrum disorder, adult beverages, and the power of storytelling. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children, two dogs, a cat, and many bottles of wine.
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Marziah Karch

Marziah is a learning experience designer and writer from Portland, Oregon. She's written five books and has also written for WIRED,, TechRepublic, and MAKE.
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Andrea Schwalm Stolz

Andrea can often be found near water or toward the back of dive bars. Her to-be-read pile literally fills a small room, along with an LP collection she started 40 years ago. She thinks we should all pay more attention to our gut biomes, and man, does she ever take a ton of photographs.

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Ruth Suehle

By day, Ruth works to make open source software communities better. The rest of the time, she makes things, which means her husband and kids know to watch out for stray sewing pins and to ask before eating anything made of fondant.

Melissa Wiley

Melissa is a children's book author, novelist, grantwriter, teacher, and homeschooling mom. She's a founding editor of GlitterSquid and could really use a few more tentacles in her life. She is obsessed with planners (especially her Hobonichi Cousin), fountain pens, sheet masks, butterfly gardening, Ritter chocolate, and face creams containing snail slime or bee venom. Melissa and her comic-book-writing husband live in San Diego, where they are raising a brigade of book nerds.

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